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Convert measurements in Excel with function

Function to convert measurements in Excel

Objective: To demonstrate how to use the function convert to convert measurements in Excel. Example Celsius to Fahrenheit

Data Conversion in Excel, much easier than establishing values and formulas to perform conversions is to use the CONVERT function.

It has the following syntax and parameters:

Formula: = CONVERT (num; de_unidade; para_unidade)
number: Number that must be converted;
from_unit: Data Type the number is;
to_unit: Data type you want the data conversion.

Example: = CONVERT (10, ā€œCā€, ā€œFā€)

Conversion Table:

Description From_unit or to_unit Classification
Gram “g” Weight and mass
Slug “sg” Weight and mass
Pound mass (avoirdupois) “lbm” Weight and mass
U (atomic mass unit) “u” Weight and mass
Ounce mass (avoirdupois) “ozm” Weight and mass
Meter “m” Distance
Statute mile “mi” Distance
Nautical mile “Nmi” Distance
Inch “in” Distance
Foot “ft” Distance
Yard “yd” Distance
Angstrom “ang” Distance
Pica “pica” Distance
Year “yr” Time
Day “day” Time
Hour “hr” Time
Minute “mn” Time
Second “sec” Time
Pascal “Pa” (or “p”) Pressure
Atmosphere “atm” (or “at”) Pressure
mm of Mercury “mmHg” Pressure
Newton “N” Force
Dyne “dyn” (or “dy”) Force
Pound force “lbf” Force
Joule “J” Energy
Erg “e” Energy
Thermodynamic calorie “c” Energy
IT calorie “cal” Energy
Electron volt “eV” (or “ev”) Energy
Horsepower-hour “HPh” (or “hh”) Energy
Watt-hour “Wh” (or “wh”) Energy
Foot-pound “flb” Energy
BTU “BTU” (or “btu”) Energy
Horsepower “HP” (or “h”) Power
Watt “W” (or “w”) Power
Tesla “T” Magnetism
Gauss “ga” Magnetism
Degree Celsius “C” (or “cel”) Temperature
Degree Fahrenheit “F” (or “fah”) Temperature
Kelvin “K” (or “kel”) Temperature
Liquid measure From_unit or to_unit
Teaspoon “tsp” Liquid measure
Tablespoon “tbs” Liquid measure
Fluid ounce “oz” Liquid measure
Cup “cup” Liquid measure
U.S. pint “pt” (or “us_pt”) Liquid measure
U.K. pint “uk_pt” Liquid measure
Quart “qt” Liquid measure
Gallon “gal” Liquid measure
Liter “l” (or “lt”) Liquid measure
The following abbreviated unit prefixes can be prepended to any metric from_unit or to_unit.
Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation
exa 1,00E+18 “E”
peta 1,00E+15 “P”
tera 1,00E+12 “T”
giga 1,00E+09 “G”
mega 1,00E+06 “M”
kilo 1,00E+03 “k”
hecto 1,00E+02 “h”
dekao 1,00E+01 “e”
deci 1,00E-01 “d”
centi 1,00E-02 “c”
milli 1,00E-03 “m”
micro 1,00E-06 “u”
nano 1,00E-09 “n”
pico 1,00E-12 “p”
femto 1,00E-15 “f”
atto 1,00E-18 “a”

Important: The function is case-sensitive.

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